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All About Sugarcane Alcohol

All About Sugarcane Alcohol
What makes Lemyn Organics so unique? Lemyn only uses USP Grade, 100% USDA-Certified organic sugarcane alcohol. 
The best hand sanitizer comes from the highest quality ingredients, which is why Lemyn Organics only uses Pharmaceutical-grade, triple distilled organic sugarcane alcohol. Responsibly sourced from South America, the sugarcane used is grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides, as well as many other pollutants that can cause harm to your health or the planet's. Learn more about the perks of using plant-based alcohol below.
It's environmentally friendly.
Alcohol comes in many forms, and can be produced through fermentation from grains, fruits and vegetables. The same type of alcohol that produces rum, Sugarcane is special in that it is a renewable resource that reproduces in less than a year. With the right practices, the ethical production of ethanol from sugarcane can help to reduce noxious and CO2 emissions, resulting in improved air quality in those areas.
In comparison to other crops such as corn (another crop that can produce alcohol), sugarcane is more energy-efficient, requiring less water and resources to grow. Plus, sugarcane crops can produce double the amount of alcohol as corn, requiring less land to be cultivated.
It's the highest grade of alcohol available. 
The most effective and skin-safe hand sanitizer comes from pure, high quality ingredients. Very few hand sanitizers on the market use organic sugarcane alcohol, and Lemyn's extensive triple distillation process ensures that what you're getting is free from impurities. On top of that, Lemyn works with a third party, independent lab to test each and every batch, making sure that it meets USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standards. 
So what is USP Grade?
According to PAC, "USP-Grade ethanol designates strict guidelines by the FDA throughout all production processes, storage, inspection, and packaging. These specifications improve consistency and safety for industrial, pharmaceutical, flavor, fragrance, or lab use. Only pure, un-denatured alcohol is certified under USP guidelines. Ethanol that is at minimum USP grade is slightly more expensive, but roughly two orders of magnitude purer than industrial grade ethanol."
It eliminates the unpleasant "tequila smell".
By using high quality plant based alcohol, Lemyn also eliminates the unpleasant tequila smell so many sanitizers often have. Lemyn's formula delivers a clean, all-natural scent that is free from synthetic fragrances and is perfect for sensitive skin. 
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