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Why Lemyn Organics is The Best Hand Sanitizer

Why Lemyn Organics is The Best Hand Sanitizer

Take care of your skin with a 3-in-1 sanitizer that cleanses, moisturizes and protects.

1. It's super effective! Lemyn is one of the most effective sanitizers on the market, killing 99.9999% of more than 40 types of illness-causing germs in only 15 seconds. As the only organic medical-grade hand sanitizer in the United States, Lemyn meets and exceeds the FDA standards for consumer and health personnel.

2. It's free from toxins. Guaranteed. Lemyn works with an independent lab to ensure that every ounce is thoroughly tested for impurities before it reaches your hands. No carcinogens, no benzene, no methanol, no 1-propanol - and free from 1,500 other questionable ingredients commonly found in skincare. 

3. We're all-natural, and organic!

Lemyn is powered by plants! Lemyn only uses the highest grade (Pharmaceutical grade) alcohol derived from triple distilled sugarcane, and highlights ingredients found in nature that contain properties that both nourish and protect the skin. Here's a closer look at the ingredients inside your Lemyn bottle:

Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract)

Used for thousands of years to treat burns and other skin injuries, aloe vera (also known as aloe barbadensis) is a thick plant that stores water in its leaves. Widely praised by the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries for its healthful compounds, the gel inside contains several bioactive compounds (meaning that it takes fewer steps to be absorbed by the body), such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.

María Álvares de Carvalho / Unsplash

Aloe vera not only contains some powerful antioxidants (known as polyphenols, such as those found in green tea), but also accelerates the healing of wounds when used as a topical solution. With its antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties, aloe vera is a no-brainer and a superhero ingredients of Lemyn hand sanitizer. For even more benefits of aloe vera, check out this article.

 Jojoba Seed (Simmondsia Chinensis) Oil

Rich in vitamins A, B, E and D, minerals like chromium, copper and zinc as well as fatty acids and our friends the antioxidants, it's no wonder why jojoba seed oil is also high on our list of superhero ingredients. Not impressed? Jojoba also contains antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties

Versatile and easily accessible, jojoba really is an understated skincare ingredient. It's gentle on sensitive skin, yet still packs a punch of essential nutrients. It's safe to use on any skin type, and delivers amazing results. Since jojoba's molecular structure is so similar to that of our own skin's natural sebum, it's a great choice for locking in moisture - perfect for those that might have sensitive skin or suffer from constant dryness and irritation. 

Chelsea Shapouri / Unsplash

Avocado Oil (Persea Gratissima)

But wait, the list of superhero ingredients doesn't end here. Sure, we can probably all agree that avo toast is pretty amazing as a healthy, omega-3 rich breakfast option. But what can it do for our skin? We're glad you asked, because avocado is chock full of radiance-boosting characteristics.

@JiangXule1990 / Unsplash

Avocado oil contains potassium and vitamin E as well as healthy fatty acids. Lecithin works as a moisture-boosting emollient while oleic acid promotes the production of collagen, responsible for strengthening skin, resulting in more elasticity and hydration (more collagen = smoother skin and fewer wrinkles). Plus, avocado helps to combat other skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and more - check out more about the perks of using avocado oil here!

Pro Tip: Add some avo oil to your face cream before bed for a super lustrous glow in the morning! 

Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) Seed Oil

Similar to jojoba oil, sunflower oil is easily accessible, inexpensive and safe for various skin types. Used for generations as food and medicine and rich in linoleic acid, sunflower seed oil can also help maintain your skin's natural barrier and decrease moisture loss. Plus, several studies have also shown that sunflower oil contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Jordan Cormack / Unsplash

Orange Peel (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis) Oil

Orange peel oil's anti-inflammatory properties can help maintain the natural radiance of skin, improving the appearance of skin's texture and reducing overall redness and irritation. As one of the most potent antibacterials, orange peel oil's high concentration of d-limonene (a compound found in the peel of citrus fruits) is an effective and natural way to destroy harmful bacteria without damaging skin. Amazingly, studies have shown that orange peel oil is effective against 22 types of bacteria and 12 types of fungi - all without any harmful man-made chemicals. Bonus? Orange peel oil has also been shown to enhance overall sleep quality in various sleep studies - and who doesn't love a great night's sleep?

Mae Mu / Unsplash

Want to learn more about Lemyn Organics? Check out our FAQ page, or read up on some of our articles like How To Choose a Safe Hand Sanitizer and How Switching to Lemyn Organics Reduces Your Carbon Footprint! 

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