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Portable Air Purifier

The EduAir CL400 Portable Air Purifier offers true HEPA filtration for up to a 1,000 sq ft space, making it a perfect solution for filtering the air in classrooms, administrative offices, staff lounges, or other spaces.

The unit draws from 360-degrees, offers true medical grade HEPA filtration and circulates the air back into the room. The quiet operation makes this unit ideal for educational and professional environments, and can easily be moved between spaces.

The ED400 portable air purifier is designed for school spaces such as
classrooms, offices and study rooms. The quiet, compact design is unobtrusive
while delivering constant True Medical HEPA grade filtration. Get back to
school with clean air for both students & staff.

  • CADR of 400 CFM
  • True Medical HEPA Filtration
  • Plug & Play

Dimensions: 14.5" X 14.5" X 23"

Weight: 45lbs

Noise Level: 50dB (low), 66dB (high)

Filter Life: 5 years

Airflow: Output from Upper Deck, 360 degree Intake

Filter Access: Removable Bottom Plate

Fan Rating: 400 CFM


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